Where did I began for my own experience

My Work in Toronto (Phoyography)

I can remember the exact moment I decided to get out of the bed and go out and start shooting photos. I was to listening to Eric's trip from the album daydream nation from the band sonicyouth.
But shooting in the street needs more than the urge to do that only for the sake of taking photos. In needs and urge for living positive, having destination and following your story of life.
Let's put it simple. You need a life and a camera to capture your observations. You need to have a destination to go out. Like evey ordinary person but be wide eye open at the same time to capture the scenes you are looking for.


My Passion for Art was never ending since I remember but I don't know why I refused to accept my admission to art school and follow Information Technology. My university was in a very poor city in the province of Sistan and Baloochestan in Iran. But my persuasion was not the ultimate destination that reach. I started having more and more passion for art as was getting more empathy with life I had never experienced and never saw people go through . all that era lead me here to the place that I'm now. A student of philosophy and a semi-professional freelance photographer in Canada

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